Spare Part Design Development

3D printing enables manufacturers to cost-effectively produce small quantities of spare parts in ways traditional manufacturing methods cannot. Companies can decrease warehousing and manufacturing costs, shorten lead times, reduce risk, and stay agile by 3D printing spare parts.

We can either provide you with a three-dimensional CAD drawing of the required spare part, or we reconstruct the required part based on your specifications. In addition to that, you can send us the faulty original. We are then able to transform it – through 3D scanning – into 3D data, reconstruct it and prepare it for 3D printing

We examine the replacement process of a spare part which was reproduced faster and much more cost efficient with the technologies from scan to print, powered by our 3D technology. We have tackled this issue by means of 3D scanning and metal 3D printing, technologies by which we aim to upgrade and add value to the lives of many.

If you want to learn more about the digital workflow from SCANOTECH INFORMATICS or you need help to calculate the total costs of your spare parts, contact us today! We are excited to help you save time, material and money – for more shining ideas!