About Us

SCANOTECH INFORMATICS is a Noida based company. We provide services like 3D scanning services, 3D CAD modelling, 3D printing, 3D inspection and laser tracker services. We are giving our best services to our customers. We care about the quality of our service, which will provide our customer with a satisfying result.


In SCANOTECH INFORMATICS, we take care of the quality of our work, and we keep all the information about our client confidential and give them a satisfactory result for our service.


We give our clients quality service, for which we are the best 3D service provider in the market. We never compromise on the quality of our work, and we give our customer our best services.


We work on innovative ways which give our clients satisfactory services. We use new and advanced technologies to provide quality service to our clients. We keep working on creative ways which improve our level of work.


Our Story

SCANOTECH INFORMATICS starts in the journey of work in the year 2018. From 2018 to now, we give quality service to our clients. For our quality service, we are the number one scanning service provider in the NCR region. Our team members are dedicated to their work, and they do all the work in professional ways, which make our service the best. Our team do all the work with dedication and make every work perfect for the client. Scanotech Informatics gives its client the work with 100% accuracy. We believe in high-quality service so that we offer our client a quality service. We always try to complete our work on time and deliver them to our clients. We do all our work in an industry manner which makes us different from others. We always think about our clients, and we give them a good and quality service which earn us the right scanning service provider.